Friday, January 14, 2005

Nazis and the Royal Family

A prominent story in the media is about Prince Harry wearing a military uniform with a Nazi symbol on. Below is how it appeared on the front page of the Sun newspaper:

Prince Harry in uniform

The poor lamb is often attacked by the media. The narrative the media wants to impose is one of good prince, bad prince. The Sun itself described them as 'heir' and 'spare'. Considering the boys' upbringing, the worrying question is whether he is just resorting to type.

The picture below is the ex-king Edward VIII and his wife Wallis visiting Hitler against the warnings of the British government in 1937. They wined and dined with Hitler and were even shown around an early concentration camp.

Hitler and the King

Edward had very close links with the Nazi regime and told an American magazine in 1941 that it "would be a tragic thing if Hitler was overthrown.”

There is more in this article in the Guardian about Edward VIII and Hitler.


Anonymous said...

Willy's debacle shows his spoilt brat insensitivity to a persecuted people, race, religion. Of course, how could he know true suffering--he can't. Life was handed to him on a silver platter. Someone with as much education as he has, has no excuse to do such a stupid, insensitive thing. A joke like that done by someone as educated as he, shows someone living in a vacuum, oblivious, or worse yet, uncaring of the results, just so long as Willy has his jolly fun. Come on, I was not even that naive at 15! It is no excuse. The whole family sickens me. Even the Queen is getting that way--no back bone. The best of the recent lot, the Queen Mother, is dead and so should be royal titles and hand outs.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this pile of rubble. Its alot of rubbish. Get them out to work and off their asses. They are a bunch of deadbeats.

Anonymous said...

Edward VIII was a friend of Hitler, his wife was having an affair with the german foreign minister, he also wanted germany to not lose world war two, and was also visiting franco

Anonymous said...

The Monarchy are consist of a bunch of self centred, in-bred, arrogant,moronic assholes and they are totally unnecessary. They are the biggest burden on hard pressed taxpayers. We don't need them.

The Monarchy should be abolished immediately

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Queen Mum was anti-Churchill and wanted peace with Hitler. Edward VIII actually had sense, he made friends with Franco and Hitler, better than Churchill making friends with Stalin!!

The Royal Family see the world the way it really is, not through the eyes of the media. They are (well used to be) all above that, we could learn a lot from them.

Anonymous said...

bunch of stupid fucking american inbreds, we built your country. WE OWN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but to be honest, we've all done ALOT worse things in our time, but as he lives in a world where the Camera is his life, he makes a mistake! and look? it's apparently offended a bunch of people with nothing better to do.

Also, people go on about ''How much money we waste'' on the Royal family, but to be honest, do you ever see them spending it? Has there ever been '' The queens Ferriai collection'' in the newspaper? no, because no matter how much we may spent, on keeping out own Herritiage, I can issure you that it's brought back to the people 100 fold with the money local Buinesses earn in London from tourisium comming to see them.

Anonymous said...

You stupid american dickheads, you don't know anything about the royal family's ancestory and are basing all of your facts on a conservative blown up newspaper report. watch the news asshole.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever even looked into the ancestory of the royal family. This site is a load of shit and you base all of your facts on a conservative front page.

Anonymous said...

History lesson

Edward VIII was forced to abdicate because of his nazi sympathies

Anonymous said...

I share the low opinion of the British monarchy expressed here. However, I think you should lay off the Nazis. The Nazis were, after all, prime victims of British imperialism. In early 1939, all Hitler wanted to do was expand Germany's economic power in eastern Europe. But there was no way the British were going to allow this to happen, because they wanted to keep eastern European markets for themselves. For this reason, the British told the Poles not to give in to Hitler's demands that Danzig be restored to the Reich. The Danzig crisis gave the Brits the opportunity to finish what they hadn't finished in 1918 - destroy Germany completely.

All this isn't very well known, because the Brits and their allies have a virtual monopoly on the production of WWII history. But it is true, nonetheless, and can be discovered by immersing oneself in authentic primary documents.

Anonymous said...

btw, did you know the New York times named Hitler Man of the Year in 1938?

Walt Disney loved the guy, as did henry ford.

also in general your facts are wholly inaccurate. time to go back to the "evil empires creation" the university ;) .

Anonymous said...

That "spoilt inbred twat" has joined the british army and is going to iraq, to all who put him down shame on you, I bet none of you have never ever been in the forces, by all accounts he is a very good popular leader, in his troop, considering he got a CAT 1 on his RCB and I achieved CAT 2 he has a lot more going for him than you would give him credit, I would gladly serve under him, regardless if he in 1 stupid act he wore a swastika, he does what all people his age do get drunk and smoke, in fact I comend the boy for attempting to live a normal life with hypocritical scum like yourselves prowl like sharks.

"let he without sin throw the first stone"
-I think that sums up all you moronic uber fukwits nicely!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, strange website. I would only like to say that what pisses most people off is that in the days when EVERY NATION was trying to expand their influence in the world, the Brits were just better at it than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind would want a system of government that basically says that there is one family in your country that is better than all the rest so everyone should give them money so they can live in nice big castles and mansions and travel the world first class etc. Wake up England! Your empire is gone, even the UK is about to break up when the Scottish declare independence, with the Welsh possibly following suit- the Irish have being trying get you to leave for years!!

Long Live The Republic of England

Anonymous said...

You are all racist lunatics who need to get out more. Some Americans are such bitter scum that they should be liquidaed by those who are sane.

Anonymous said...

Everything about this country is better than America, national Health Service, very few people own guns / weapons, no need for armed police on the streets and our monarchy aswell. It makes me feel really proud to have the queen and her family representing us. She has carried out her job superbly well as head of state. Just look at the resent visit of the queen to America, your head of state George Bush made a complete twat out of himself on several occasions. To have a royal family representing us gives me reassurance and its comforting to know that they are always there whereas a president or prime minister only lasts their term. You Americans are just fucking jealous

Anonymous said...

1.The United States of America has ALWAYS been a friend to the United Kingdom (once they kicked you out). 50 murders a year in England compaired to 5000 murders in the US and you think they are all “gun weilding” lunatics. Did anyone stop and take a census on the two countries population? Do the math people!

Europe (but mostly the English and French) generally despises the fact that the United States has watched your 1000 years of historic ineptitude and while they make mistakes on quite a grand scale, they pale in to insignificance when it comes to the devastation the English have caused over the centuries. You should also remember that without their contribution to YOUR economy, you would be little more than a third world nation.

Now you wonder why the Scots, Welsh and Irish want seperation!

2. The English have been the globes "self appointed" cartographers since time immemorial and drew the line in the sand separating Iraq from Kuwait, which lead to? WAR. There was NO Kuwait. The British created a “monarchy” of assassins and thieves who stole the most productive oil fields from the Iraqi people. Their trading partner in return was? England.

Kuwait is the “new home for terrorists”, because nobody is taking any notice of this seemingly innocent little piece of Iraq, that so many of the US and British troops lost their lives defending for what exactly? “But that s war ol’ chap!!” !

3. The English mapped India and drew the line for Pakistan, which lead to? WAR. A war which still rages to this day. India fought for her independence from the English and finally kicked them out in 1948!

Now your country is over run with the same people who you gave “british” passports to and who have systematically raped your little island for it’s health and social security systems, which are now bankrupt.

4. The English mapped Ireland and separated its people. For centuries there has been WAR followed by terrorism that has since been carried to your own towns and cities. Not so nice when the bombs fall in YOUR town is it?

The British are a waring nation. They have deliberately picked fights with anything and anyone that moved. Then when you don’t have war, you have football! You terrorise your own people and those of other countries with your inability to keep your hands in your pockets and your damn mouths shut!

You still hide behind old battles, modest victories and museums full of stolen artifacts, then have the unmitigated gaul to tell the world you are still “Great Britain”!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Of course they were shown an early concentation camp. All Hitler's propaganda program. We wanted to show the world that no one was being mistreated. The "Workers" would have been well fed, in good living conditions with a fair few Luxuries. Also I fail to notice a NAME LOCATION or DATE of said visit. Those three are crucial points in any argument no matter what way you slice it. And the more i look at this (cough) evidence for the International Coalition for British Reparations, the more I notice this trend of key dates(This is a rare exeption), locations, etc conveniently left out. Video "Interveiws" where the "question" pops up on the screen, is not acctually shown being asked and is followed by a little snipet of speech most likely cut to change wht the person being interveiwed is saying. Trademarks of altered evidence. And the Article clearly says "Ex-King" i.e. not answerable to the state as such, and against the reccomendation of the British Government. And really there were many americans who thought along the same track as hitler: George Lincoln Rockwell, William Joseph Simmons to name but a few. Henry Ford comes close as does Walt Disney. So really in the early stage of Hitler's rule, lots of dignitaries of other nations would have been chummy with Hitler. But then Hey Presto the Genie comes out of the bottle. Its not like you can accuse britain as a direct supporter of hitler just because of one rogue royal. And dont forget America had its part in indirectly creating Nazi germany through the Treaty of Versailles.

Anonymous said...

God Save The Queen!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh Wahhh Wahhhh.

When will these ridiculous, Jew-worshiping honkeys be ignored.
Kipling was right!


That nation truly will be the salvation of the White Race!!!!

S.S. Bullets to every feminist, kike, troglodyte, capitalist/socialist neolib/neocon douchebag in the world.

Don't worry, the decent man can think of deadly enemies 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Err you realise their in the military. They don't just sit around doing nothing.

I don't think many of you know anything.

Read a book! It may help you get proper jobs in life ^_^

Anonymous said...

Any one that insults the Monarchy is an inbred philistine.
Monarchy is the only form of government that works, as there is only one benevolent ruler unlike democracy where there is a countless number of procrastinating deceitful corrupt half wits.